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BASIS Goodyear Senior Projects

BASIS Senior Projects are a point of pride for students, teachers, parents and staff at our schools, and one of the most unique aspects of the BASIS academic program. Senior Projects offer an opportunity for our high-performing students to demonstrate the knowledge and research skills they have developed over their journey at BASIS, in a subject area about which they are passionate. Students who successfully complete a Senior Project earn a distinction of High Honors on their diploma.

BASIS students team up with corporations, entrepreneurs, agencies, and researchers on the cutting-edge across myriad fields nationally and internationally. But this is not just an internship, because BASIS students bring an exceptional level of expertise and fresh eyes to the entities they support. While the average student at BASIS will have completed six AP classes prior to being accepted in our Senior Project program, and our graduates have taken an average of nine AP courses, it is the Senior Projects program at BASIS that sets students apart to the most prestigious universities in the world, and differentiates them from other students their age. Via the program, our students know they measure up outside of the BASIS classroom, a notion that will serve them very well in college and the workforce.

The Senior Project program was developed to foster in our students valuable insight about utilizing their knowledge in the real world, while maintaining a sense of intellectual curiosity during the research-and-application process. Senior Projects requires students to work at a public or private sector institution, or enroll in a college or university's external study program, and ultimately present their Senior Project to the entire school community, parents and guests. The internship or study program can be located anywhere in the United States or around the world, and should be related to the course of study that the student intends to pursue following high school graduation.

If your business or institution is interested in becoming a mentor for the BASIS Senior Project Program, please contact Julia Toews at [email protected]


2016 BASIS Senior Projects

The Senior Project is a selective program that involves an off campus research project or internship of the student's choice and design. Students select a BASIS faculty member as their advisor and work with a mentor at their research site. These projects may be completed anywhere in the world. At the end of the trimester, students return to campus and present an analysis of their findings to peers, staff, and parents. Below are links to the schools student's senior project blogs.


BASIS Chandler

Jared Briones
Business Campaign for ASU Baja Team

Advisor - Mr Robert Wooley

Nikhil Gandhe
The Effects of Hydration on Batteries

Adviser - Mrs. Teva Clark

Liwen Huang
Advancement in Battery Technology

Adviser - Mrs. Teva Clark

Nassim Idouraine
SAE Baja: Suspension

Adviser - Mrs. Sandhya Jayaraman

Rohit Kumar
Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Analyzing its Properties and General Applications

Adviser - Dr. Pete Delannoy

Afra Nawar
Enhancing the Efficiency of Solar Water Splitting Technology

Adviser - Mr. Derek Ray

Farhan Rahman
ASU Polytechnic SAE Mini Baja

Adviser - Mr. Derek Ray

Arkesh Ravikanti
Mini Baja SAE

Adviser - Mr. Derek Ray

Kinza Ahmed
The Connection Between Alzheimer's and Brain Trauma

Adviser - Dr. Karyn Fought

Mariam Alam
The Mechanisms of Telomerase and Relation Between its Subunits

Adviser - Dr. Pete Delannoy

Siva Kailas
Developing a VacuStor Integrated Device for Small-Scale Blood Collection and Storage

Adviser - Mr. Matt Cole

Samdeet Khan
Impact of Riluzole on Synaptogenesis

Adviser - Mr. Matt Cole

Kasyap Kondury
The Quantification of Neuroligand-1 and Glypican-4 in Diffuse TBI Tissue in the Memory Related Areas

Adviser - Mr. Matt Cole

Rohini Nott
Analyzing the Effect of Brain Lesions on Pain Sensitivity in Rats

Adviser - Dr. Karyn Fought

Tasha Parekh
Post-Traumatic Brain Injuries

Adviser - Mrs. Vidya Ananthnarayan

Lizette Robles-Castano
Postpartum Depression: A Concern and Part of the Job

Adviser - Matt Smith

Sam Shnowske
The Glycemic Response

Adviser - Ms. Alayna Terrell

Nikhita Singh
The Identification and Analyses of Insulin Resistant Genes

Adviser - Mrs. Vidya Ananthnarayan

Likith Surendra
The Utilization of a Novel Genome Editing Technique to Study Select Neural Ion Channels

Adviser - Dr. Karyn Fought

Shreeya Sharmas
Attitudes of High School Students Towards Mental Illness

Adviser - Mrs. Boxrud

Rohil Hatalkar
Evaluating and Managing Airline Resources Through Computer Science and Communication Enhancements

Advisor - Mr. Bryan Campo

Farhan Khan
Scheduling in the Spark Cloud Computing System

Adviser - Dr. Patricia Pearson

Sidharth Kulkarni
Question Answering Using Knowledge Description Graphs and Freebase

Adviser - Mrs. Sandhya Jayaraman

Hari Meyyappan
Digital Marketing: The Importance of Content Creation and Promotion in Modern Day Business

Adviser - Mrs. Marina Kirk

Dylan Patel
Retirement Fund Management Services: Analyzing AXA 401k Sales with Competing Investment Firms

Adviser - Dr. Patricia Pearson

Anirudh Ravichandran
Technical Challenges Facing the Gaming Industry in Arizona

Advisor - Mr. Bryan Campo

Vanessa Setjodiningrat
Youth Perspective on Start-up App Marketing

Adviser - Matt Smith

Shabab Siddique
Cost Analysis of New Record Keeping Requirements for Public Health Programs and Research Documents

Adviser - Mrs. Suba Rajasekaran

Elizabeth Madison
Music Therapy

Adviser - Dr. Mark Aquilano

Aditi Nair
A Look into the World of Journalism

Adviser - Mrs. Marina Kirk

Neel Ramesh
An In-Depth look at Voting Patterns through the lens of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Adviser - Mr. Paul Curtice

Laiba Waqas
Wrongful Convictions in Criminal Cases

Adviser - Dr. Jennifer Parchesky

BASIS Scottsdale

Gustavo Alves
Pets Impact on Sleep Quality

Grace Shin
ART: Autism Redifining Talent

Nick Tagliarini
3rd Party Interference with IBOSS

Isabelle Yono
Mediating the Media: Stereotypes in the Field of Law

Lauren Appel
The Wright Stuff for STEAM Education

Seth Johnson
Rising Above Circumstances: Perception of Homelessness

Russell Llave
The Effects of Acid and Salt on Hydrogels

Amalia Ono
The Democracy of Art in the Public Sphere

Shir Attias
Audience Engagement: Tke Key to Successful Prevention Methods

Seerat Jajj
Concrete Proof through MALDI: Applications Beyond Engineering

Rohith Malladi
Assessing the Impact: The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury Over Time

Max Waaler
Statistics and Slot Machines

Elizabeth Barnitt
The Lost Art of the Bookstore

Michelina Calo
Maternal Influence on Premature Babies

Matthew Mcmanus
Lean Manufacturing: Chopping off the fat, keeping the juicy, meaty remains

George Yang
More than Chopped Liver: Quantifying Image Features for Fatty Liver Disease

Casey Calhoun
Playing with Words

Nithin Kannan
Unbalancing Balanced Boardgames

Rachel Lincoln
Color, Emotion, and Narrative in Animation

Armin Malakian
Behind the Scenes of Casino Slot Machines

Stephen Kistler
The Balance of Power

Komal Majhail
The Kneed for a Solution: Improving the Approach for Diagnosing an Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty

Kayvon Tadj
Making Smart Inverters More Intel-igent

Hannah Vange
Making Things Up: An Exploration of Special Effects

Bhanu Bucchireddigari
Calming Nerves: Diabetic Neuropathy

Alison Burge
A Wounderful Journey Through Wound Care

Eve Fabre
Finding the Code to Success: Marketing through Social Media

Keanan Jenkins
Creating a Hybrid Novel

Maxime Godart
No Country For Urban Doctors

Ale Miss Ozuna
Fame After Death: The Immortality of Frida Kahlo

Maxime Godart
No Country For Urban Doctors

Ale Miss Ozuna
Fame After Death: The Immortality of Frida Kahlo

Saurav Shenroy
Automated Testing Using C Sharp (or Not So Smart?)

Alice Yang
It's Knot an Unknot (or Not?)

Sebastien Gilmour
The Future of Prosthetics

Griffin Saggau
Virtual Reality: A Game Changer


Pooja Venugopal
Atypical vs. Classical Rett Syndrome

Mia Carlson
Hashtags for Health: Social Media Marketing of TPN 2000

Vanessa Chu
Slicing into Pediatric Surgery

Alex Popescu
Totally Retro: Creating an Old-Fashioned Video Game with Modern Spunk

Luke Van Reede Van Oudtshoorn
The Troubles and Their Effects on Contemporary Northern Irish Society

Kyle Kovach
Totally Retro: Creating an Old-Fashioned Video Game with Modern Spunk

Vaibhavi Mohan
Against All Odds: Finding My Identity As A Musical Theatre Artist

Sparshee Naik
MRI: My Radiology Insight

Saif Pasha
Can an iOS Application Help Identify Stress Patterns in Adolescents?

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